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Avoidable Harm for One in Five Patients.

An NHS study launched in April has shown that in some hospitals over one in five patients suffer from some form of harm that could be avoided with good care.

The NHS Safety Thermometer gathers information on patient problems while staying on wards for treatment. The data shows that approximately 200,000 patients are the victims of easily avoidable incidents such as falls or bed sores and further treatment of these injuries is estimated to cost the NHS up to £1 billion every year.

Chief executive of the Patients Association, Katherine Murphy stated “It’s shocking that any patient is admitted to hospital for treatment but can end up suffering from a fall or another condition that is totally avoidable given the right care from clinicians”

Three particular trust areas are recorded as having above 20 per cent of patients suffering from preventable complications. Highest was Torbay and Southern Devon Health Care Trust with 23.5 per cent, with City Hospitals Sunderland Foundation Trust following closely with 23.1 per cent. Airedale Foundation Trust recorded a figure of 20.5 per cent.

Kim Daniells of the CNCI team said in response to the report “fortunately the majority of those affected do not suffer serious harm. However for some, the consequences may be devastating”


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