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Compensation for Dog Bites

Owners of animals that are known to be potentially dangerous are usually aware that if their animal causes an injury, they will most likely be held responsible. In a recent case, homeowners found that their failure to prevent their dog from causing harm proved costly, as it attacked a delivery man as he posted a card through their letterbox.

The man had tried to deliver a parcel but, having received no answer when he knocked at the door, put a card through the letterbox and the dog bit him, causing an injury to one of his fingers.

It may be thought reasonable enough restraint to have a dog locked indoors during the day, but the homeowners' failure to take steps to prevent what was a foreseeable injury in what are common circumstances left them liable for compensation for the delivery man's injury.

In a second case involving harm caused by a dog, an employee of Domino's Pizza secured compensation after she was injured while working.

The woman was delivering pizza to a property when the dog ran out and attacked her. It bit her on her left leg, causing wounds which left a scar.

She brought a personal injury claim against the owner of the dog and was awarded damages for her injuries.

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