Advising with empathy and experience


We acted on behalf of the Claimant in relation to a dental negligence claim. The Claimant underwent root canal therapy whilst under the care of his Dentist and had a crown fitted thereafter. Shortly after the procedure the Claimant developed an infection and was prescribed antibiotics, which cleared up the infection. However, approximately nine months later, the Claimant developed a further infection, which again was successfully treated with antibiotics.

Some time later the Claimant moved dental practices and was advised by his new Dentist that the crown fitted by his previous Dentist had been fitted incorrectly. Medical evidence also later confirmed that the root canal treatment had not been performed to a reasonable standard. As a result, the Claimant had developed several infections, had a tooth removed and had to undergo further repair work. The Defendant settled the claim after the commencement of court proceedings and the Claimant accepted the sum of £3,500 in settlement of their claim.

The Claimant was pleased with the work undertaken by Harrowells LLP and stated as follows:

“During what proved to be a difficult and protracted issue, Harrowells conducted affairs on my behalf most satisfactorily, keeping me well informed at every stage. I won’t hesitate to contact you again if I feel I need your help”.

The Claimant was knocked off his bicycle by a car and sustained a significant head injury and facial injuries. As a result of the head injury the Claimant was left experiencing some memory problems and would often become confused quite easily. His family also reported a change in his mood and behaviour. The Claimant accepted the sum of £50,000 in full and final settlement of his claim.

The Claimant instructed Harrowells LLP after seeing an advertisement detailing the services we provide. In relation to the handling of his claim, the Claimant advised the following:

“I contacted Harrowells about making a claim and from that day on I never looked back because the service I received was first class. Nothing seemed too much trouble for them and I can’t praise them enough for all they have done for me”. All the personnel I had contact with were very friendly and helpful. Once again, I would like to thank all the staff at Harrowells very much for all the help I received, which was first class”.

The Claimant was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in August 2007. He sustained severe life-threatening injuries in the accident and spent a significant amount of time in hospital recovering, following undergoing emergency surgery. He had a serious head injury, an injury to his left shoulder, a fractured leg and knee, a fractured pelvis, a fractured arm, a spinal fracture and a fractured rib. The injury to the Claimant’s shoulder has left him in constant severe pain and he no longer has the use of his left arm. The Claimant has been left with a risk of developing epilepsy as the result of his head injury and also has problems with his memory and his concentration levels. The Claimant has also been left with psychological problems.

As a result of the accident the Claimant and his wife had to abandon their plans of opening a bed and breakfast business and had to make significant changes to their lifestyles to accommodate the mobility problems the Claimant now has.

The Claimant accepted a sum of approximately £460,000 in settlement of his claim on a provisional basis, with the option of making a further claim for damages should he go onto develop epilepsy in the future.

Harrowells LLP initially received instructions from the Claimant’s wife to act on his behalf, and, once the Claimant had recovered from his injuries, he provided instructions thereafter. The Claimant is highly complimentary of the services provided by Harrowells, and was pleased to find that the process involved in pursuing a claim was not what he had expected:

“I was dealt with throughout by capable, decent, likeable human beings who treated me with humanity and care coupled with realism. But they were also experienced and highly competent with a professional toughness that gave me comfort. Letters were clear and easy to read. Meetings were simple to arrange and my frequent questions dealt with in a friendly and capable way. I was helped to understand what was happening. I actually enjoyed dealing with those involved, which was not what I had expected! I felt that they cared and I liked them. The end result considerably exceeded my expectations and the costs to me were plainly fair. I even went on to use Harrowells’ financial advice service where the same high standards were maintained. I don’t think I could have got a better service anywhere and happily commend Harrowells’ services to others”.