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Medical Negligence Claims

The vast majority of clinicians are dedicated professionals who want to do their best for their patients. They work in a specialised, developing field and under intense pressure. Sometimes, despite the best clinical care, the treatment they deliver will have an unexpected or adverse outcome.

Doctors are of course human and will sometimes make mistakes. Fortunately even when errors occur they usually result in little or no harm to the patient. In many cases the patient may not even realise that a mistake has been made

Sadly there are incidents where patients suffer more serious harm because clinicians have failed to act reasonably. Occasionally these incidents result in lasting damage and tragically some result in the death of a patient.

When patients have entrusted their lives to professionals it can be difficult for them to come to terms with any injury they sustain. Many, understandably, seek compensation. Others seek explanations or apologies. We can explain your options. Call us for specialist advise.