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Brain & spinal injury claims

In the aftermath of any serious injury the injured person and their loved ones will require specialist support and advice. Initially this is likely to come from the NHS. Assistance may also be provided by some of the support groups and charities in the field.

At some stage the injured person and their family may need to consider legal representation. They may require advice on claiming compensation for injuries; appointing Case Managers; accessing rehabilitation or securing an interim payment.

In cases of very serious injury it is crucial that those bringing the claim are able to communicate easily with their solicitor. The injured person needs to be able to devote time and energy to concentrating on recovery while the solicitor concentrates on the case.

We have experience of dealing with claims involving the most serious brain and spinal injuries. We regularly handle claims with a value in excess of £1m and have specialist knowledge of brain and spinal injury professionals. Contact us to see how we can help.