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Claims for Stress and Trauma

You may be aware of your right to pursue a claim for physical injuries sustained as a result of an accident or negligent medical treatment.  Physical damage to your person is often immediately apparent and quantifiable in terms of the effect the injuries have on your daily life and your recovery period.  The psychological impact of a traumatic accident or event or exposure to a sustained period of occupational stress or sexual abuse can, however, be at least as debilitating as a physical injury.  An individual’s reaction to stress and trauma may lead to overwhelming feelings of anxiety, depression and difficulty sleeping and eating.  The extent to which these symptoms disrupt an individual’s life depends on many factors, including psychological treatment options available to that individual and the degree of help and support available to assist recovery.

Where it can be shown that a psychological injury has been caused to an individual as a result of the negligent acts or omissions of a Defendant, legitimate psychological injuries are recognised by the Court as warranting compensation payments.  The injury may be accompanied by a physical injury but may also be the sole type of injury suffered by an individual.

Claims for stress and trauma require sensitivity and compassion as investigating them can be difficult for individuals. We have a wealth of experience in handling claims for stress and trauma.  Our team has successfully achieved compensation for individuals as well as helped them to secure funding for treatment options to assist with their recovery.