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Helen Caulfield

Thousands of elderly go hungry in residential care, research claims

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Thousands of elderly people receiving care at home are not being given enough to eat or drink, according to new research. An estimated 40,000 older people say meals are inadequate, or provided very late in the day, leading to worries they are becoming...

Complaints Legal Challenge.

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Patients who have concerns about medical treatment may opt to follow a complaints process, or seek legal advice. Many opt to do both. At a difficult and often distressing time patients and their families understandably want to make sure they have...

The Francis Report and the Duty of Candour.

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What happened at Mid Staffs between 2005 and 2009 was failure at all levels, affecting thousands of patients and leading to "appalling and unnecessary suffering". There was a wholesale "lack of care, compassion, humanity and leadership"....