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John Coulson

Care cap deferral - the demographic challenge.

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IN spite of the UK being one of the world’s richest nations, currently in a period of economic growth, in 2015 the Government deferred introducing its policy to cap the amount people must pay towards the cost of their care in old age. As one...

Fixed costs - a sticking plaster for the NHS?

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IN a time of concern over health service costs it is easy to see why it is convenient for the Government to blame ‘greedy’ lawyers for £1.1bn in pay outs by the NHS for cases where patients have been harmed. But to adopt...

The price of justice.

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A report in The Sunday Telegraph of 1st February 2014 alleged that “Ambulance-Chasers push NHS costs bill to £200m”The article went on to state that some lawyers are claiming costs and fees up to 10 times more than the damages awarded...

Government response to the Francis enquiry.

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Seven weeks after the publication of the Francis report the Government has released its initial response. The response announced a number of reforms and has received a mixed reception from health professionals. Central to the Government’s response was...