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Legal professionals dealing with cases for sexual abuse or assault are, quite rightly, focussed on their role in achieving either a criminal conviction or an award of compensation. In pursuing these matters they are righting historic injustices, providing redress and, potentially protecting others from similar abuse.

Although criminal claims can result in awards of compensation and a civil claim may lead to a substantial award, the reality is that victims of abuse often need practical and emotional support and expert advice long before such claims conclude. Where awards of compensation are made, victims may require very specific counselling and psychiatric therapies. Sadly, some victims may not know how and where to obtain such specialist services.

Survive, York are a York based charity providing support and services for victims. They provide the opportunity for victims to speak with specialists in various areas of expertise, as well as other victims. On top of this, they provide a coffee morning for women survivors each week and support groups for men or women. All of their services are provided in a confidential setting, resulting in a safe and private place for victims to address their experiences.

We believe that our clients are best served by providing choices and options to individuals that will enable them to decide what support they need. We are committed to providing an accessible, confidential service that promotes dignity and self-worth for all our clients.” – Survive, York.

In acting for, and working with our clients we always endeavour to ensure that they are supported to find the services they need. We understand that some claimants are ready to access treatment during or immediately after their claims. Others are restricted as to how much, or how soon, they are able to move forward. We find that each victim and their circumstances are entirely different and so, naturally, each will require personalised support.

We recognise the very valuable work of organisations in the third sector, who provide support, guidance and assistance to victims of abuse. We understand that they are often the first place that victims will go for help. We understand too that they continue to provide a safe, confidential and caring environment for victims long after the legal process is concluded.

We are proud to be supporting Survive over the next 3 months through various fundraising activities to raise as much money as possible for their essential services.

You can see more of the fantastic work carried out by Survive here: