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Valuable support from the SIA for our clients with spinal cord injuries.

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The CNCI Team have recently received their updated Certificate confirming corporate membership of the Spinal Injuries Association.  We are proud to be associated with this organisation.  We are pleased to be able to support the SIA in ensuring that they can continue providing front-line services for those who have suffered spinal cord injuries, and their families.


The covering letter from the SIA  includes a quote from a relative of an individual who suffered a spinal cord injury.  We are reproducing that quote here as a reminder of the challenges faced by those with spinal cord injuries and of the dedication and commitment of the SIA and its team.


"I love the work of SIA.  They are working on the ground and getting things done.  We are definitely more hopeful now, especially with CHC funding secured and live-in carer in place.  I feel more positive about the future and I know Carol (SIAs nurse specialist) will help us if we need her.  She is such a reassuring presence for both of us and told my mum that, even though she is paralysed from the neck down, she still needs to have her own life.  Without Carol it would have been the dark ages for my mum."


We know from our work with individuals with spinal cord injuries, that SIA support and assistance continues to make a positive difference to them and their families.  We are pleased that, through our sponsorship of the peer support worker for the Northeast, we are helping to ensure that the SIA assistance is available to those who suffered injury.