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Childbirth injuries to mother.

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Where there are problems at the time of childbirth, the focus is often, and understandably, the potential impact upon the health of the child.  However, it is important to remember the potential impact that negligent care can have on the physical and psychological health of the mother.


Successful claims have shown that the courts recognise the impact of negligent care during childbirth can be more far reaching than it would initially appear, affecting the mother (and in some cases their partners who are also at the birth) in a number of ways.


The mother may have physical injuries due to the method of delivery, which perhaps could have been avoided if the delivery had been managed in a different way, or if a Caesarean section had been performed rather than a vaginal delivery.


The psychological trauma caused to a mother can be significant, and may be more debilitating than any physical injury caused. Many women experience symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following a traumatic birth, which can significantly impact on their ability to bond with their new baby and may result in them deciding not to have any more children.


The impact of negligent care during childbirth can be life changing, and not just for the child. In the past women who had experienced traumatic births might have felt that their concerns were insignificant if their baby was delivered safely. Fortunately society now encourages those who have experienced serious trauma to speak about their experiences. For many, sharing their fears can be a necessary first step to seeking help and support.