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Claiming compensation for a child's injuries.

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Those who have suffered serious injury as a result of clinical negligence may not initially feel that legal advice is a priority. Coping with the effects of injuries may dominate the lives of the injured person and family members. Later, when questions do arise, those affected may be concerned that they are too late to bring a claim. As a consequence they may decide not to explore the issue further.


In some cases, families of children with cerebral palsy may struggle for years, without realising there may be questions to ask about what happened during their child’s birth, and whether that could have been the cause of their child’s condition, and all the difficulties encountered as a consequence.


The reality is that claims for injured children can be made until they are 21...and in some circumstances, later than this.  It is prudent to consider obtaining legal advice if a parent has doubts or concerns about the circumstances of their child’s birth, whether it was one, ten or twenty years ago.