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Aircraft accident award.

Kim Daniells of the CNCI Team has successfully concluded a claim on behalf of a client who suffered back, neck and shoulder injuries in an accident involving the crash landing of a light aircraft.

The Claimant was a passenger in the light aircraft that was transporting two individuals to a business meeting in England. The aircraft encountered difficulties on landing. It is believed that the pilot of the aircraft did not appreciate the length of the landing strip and clipped a stationary vehicle at the end of the landing strip.

Fortunately the injuries sustained were relatively minor although the incident was clearly terrifying for those involved.

Commenting on the case Kim Daniells said “this was a complex case to investigate. The aircraft in question was owned by a company in the United States and the individual who had regular use of the aircraft in the UK failed to deal with any correspondence in respect of the claim. Fortunately after extensive enquiries with the FAA and CAA we were able to trace the insurers of the aircraft and they were willing to negotiate a settlement. Claims arising from accidents involving aircraft can be challenging because the time limits that apply are generally much shorter. The particular circumstances of this case led to detailed consideration of UK legislation and international Convention. I am pleased that we have been able to reach a negotiated settlement without the need to serve Court proceedings".