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Award of compensation following road accident in France.

A claim has recently been concluded on behalf of a young doctor who suffered injuries in a road traffic accident whilst he was on holiday in France in 2016. The Claimant suffered a recurrence of a back injury when the vehicle in which he was travelling struck a rock projecting from a cliff face.


Although not initially aware of any serious injury, the Claimant found upon his return to the UK that he was struggling to carry out the tasks associated with his role in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He had to take some time off work and even upon his return, was not able to return to his full pre-accident duties.


Medical evidence revealed that the Claimant had a significant underlying back condition but that the accident had aggravated that condition. The medical evidence, from a Consultant Neurosurgeon, suggested that the underlying condition would impact upon the Claimant’s functionality.


Court proceedings were issued in the case while medical evidence was being obtained, in order to protect the Claimant’s rights to litigate in England & Wales notwithstanding the proposed departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The case was settled following disclosure of medical evidence.