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Award follows workplace explosion.


A man who suffered life changing injuries in an explosion which happened during the course of his employment has recovered a significant award of compensation. The Claimant suffered an amputation of a lower limb as a result of injuries sustained in the explosion. He required further subsequent surgery and ongoing prosthetic support through the NHS.

Court proceedings were commenced in the High Court on the Claimant’s behalf but liability was denied throughout by the Defendant. They argued that the incident occurred as a result of failings on the part of the Claimant. There was a clear dispute between the parties in relation to the working practices in place at the relevant time.

The parties agreed to attend a joint settlement meeting to explore the issues in the case. During the course of that meeting the Defendant put forward various settlement proposals. The Claimant eventually accepted a significant 6 figure sum in full and final settlement of his claim.

The terms of settlement were subsequently confirmed in a written Order from the High Court.

Speaking of the conclusion to the claim, Kim Daniells said: "This was a complex case, although the details of the explosion were quite straightforward, the events leading up to that explosion were less clear. There was a conflict in evidence between some of those present at the time.

The Defendant’s argued that it was the Claimant who was responsible for the explosion and therefore his subsequent injuries. The Claimant argued that he was adopting a system of work which had been in place for many years. There were clearly risks to both parties in terms of the evidence. The proposals put forward by the Defendant reflect those risks but also provide the Claimant with the financial security that had been jeopardised by his serious injury. We are pleased to have been able to conclude this matter by negotiation and without the need for a lengthy trial and we hope that this award will give the Claimant and his family an opportunity to rebuild their lives".