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£70,000+ award for injured pedestrian.


A man who suffered orthopaedic and psychiatric injuries as a result of a road traffic accident has been awarded damages in excess of £70,000.00 in settlement of his claim.

The Claimant sustained a fracture of the distal shaft of his left femur when he was struck by a car close to his place of work. Although the leg injuries were treated successfully the Claimant struggled to return to his pre accident employment. The Claimant suffered a significant psychiatric reaction to the accident.

Court proceedings were commenced on behalf of the Claimant but the case was settled shortly afterwards by negotiation.

Richard Wood of the CNCI team said, “Sadly it is often the case that the psychiatric and psychological effects of an incident can be more troublesome than the physical injuries. In this case the accident left the Claimant unable to resume his pre accident employment. We hope that this settlement will help to provide some degree of financial security but also enable the Claimant to have an opportunity to start to rebuild his successful career and put these distressing experiences behind him.”