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Compensation follows brain damage suffered at birth.

Richard Wood Solicitor and Director in the CNCI team at Harrowells has successfully concluded a claim for a child who suffered brain damage as a result of the negligent management of the mother's pregnancy and of the birth of the child in 2012.  The complex claim required evidence from experts in 12 different fields including obstetrics, midwifery, paediatrics, neuroradiology, neurorehabilitation, neonatology, care, speech and language therapy, psychology, architecture, assistive technology and physiotherapy. 

After initial investigation and notification of the claim, the Defendants made an early admission of liability and provided a substantial interim payment that allowed the Claimant and his parents to have their living accommodation adapted to make it more suitable for the Claimant.  Thereafter a Case Manager was appointed to support the Claimant and his family and a Court of Protection Deputy was appointed. 

The medical evidence reflected the very significant damage suffered by the Claimant as a result of the Defendant’s failings.  Settlement was reached with a lump sum payment of £7 million together with periodical payments on an annual basis thereafter.  The gross value of the settlement for the Claimant's lifetime is approximately £20 million.