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Shopper receives award for fall injuries.

A shopper who suffered a painful wrist injury when she slipped and fell in a Marks and Spencer store has received the sum of £5700 in settlement of her claim for damages.


The Claimant was visiting the Marks and Spencer store on Parliament Street in York. She entered the shop via a non-automatic door and walked across an area of matting secured with a metal trim. As soon as she stepped on to the surface of the shop floor she slipped and landed with some force on her left arm.


The Claimant sustained a fracture to her left wrist which required manipulation prior to immobilisation in a plaster cast. The Claimant had to wear the cast for a period of 6 weeks.


The nature of the Claimants injury prevented her from working for 6 weeks. it also prevented her from participating in some of her pre-accident hobbies. She required considerable assistance from her family throughout the initial period of incapacity.


The Claimant's claim was settled by negotiation when the Defendants representatives agreed to pay her the sum of £5700 in full and final settlement of the matter.