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Compensation for cyclist who suffered brain damage

The claimant sought advice and assistance after he was knocked off his bike by a negligent driver while travelling to work. He had suffered a head injury in the accident. He had not been wearing a cycle helmet at the time of the accident.

Expert evidence was obtained to address the extent to which the injuries had impacted upon the Claimant's health; wellbeing; personality and employability.

The evidence revealed that the accident caused a brain injury that altered the client’s mood and memory. It also revealed that significant brain damage had occurred which made the claimant likely to develop epilepsy in the future. Evidence also indicated that the Claimant would be unable to return to work because of the neurological injuries he had sustained. He had problems managing his every day life and often exhibited inappropriate behaviour in social situations.  Expert opinion found that the wearing of a helmet would not have completely protected the claimant however it would have limited the severity of his injuries.

After extensive negotiation with the defendants we were able to secure £275,000 for the claimant. This amount takes into account the fact that the claimant is no longer able to work.

Richard Wood, Head of CNCI said “We have helped numerous cyclists to claim compensation after being hit by negligent drivers. Cyclists are particularly vulnerable at busy road junctions. Appropriate clothing and lights help to make cyclists visible to other road users. Cycle helmets do not prevent accidents but they can reduce the severity of injuries. Although most incidents are not serious the damage caused by even low speed incidents can be devastating".