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Care home assault leads to PTSD.

The CNCI team are pursuing a claim on behalf of a victim who was assaulted during the course of her employment in a care home.  The claim, against the victim’s employer, includes compensation for the severe psychological injuries the victim has suffered as a result of the attack.

The victim suffered distressing physical injuries which included a fractured ankle, severe internal bruising and a contusion to the head. Immediately after the attack, the victim was very disorientated and confused.  She was discharged from the hospital and cared for by her partner at home who noted that the victim was extremely agitated and very anxious.  She suffered nightmares and flashbacks to the attack which continue several years later.  She was initially unable to leave her house and was very emotional.  She had to cancel a planned holiday and relied on her partner and family to care for her.

The victim received counselling through Victim Support.  She continues to experience severe anxiety and is unable to leave the house unaccompanied several years later. The victim has problems with her short term memory and becomes easily confused and repeats herself. She feels that her independence has been compromised as a result of her ongoing psychological injuries and she has become depressed as a result.

Severely disturbed sleep means that the victim has found resumption of normal life since the attack impossible and she is frequently tired and irritable.  The victim’s personal relationships with her partner, family members and friends have been affected and she feels isolated.

Following assessment with a neuropsychologist, the victim was diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder and advised that she was unlikely to ever recover back to her pre-attack state. She will be unable to return to any form of paid employment due to her ongoing anxiety disorder.  She has been referred for specialist psychotherapy at a trauma centre, the funding for which is sought from the defendant in the case.

Emma Hudson, acting Solicitor in this matter, commented:

“This is an incredibly serious case with a victim who was subject to a brutal and terrifying ordeal which has left her with overwhelming anxiety. I am pleased to be able to assist the victim in finding a path forward from her ordeal and hopefully assisting her to recover financial compensation to ease the burden of her PTSD in the future.”