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£100,000 award for injuries to mother in childbirth.

A young mother has received a substantial compensation award following the mismanagement of her labour. During the birth of her second child medical staff at York district hospital failed to notice that the claimant’s bladder was so enlarged that it was preventing the baby being delivered.

Doctors failed to notice that she could not pass urine by herself. At this point she should have been catheterised.

Unfortunately this did not happen until much later on in labour. During a 9 hour period the claimant was given almost 6 pints of intravenous fluid which she was unable to pass naturally. Her bladder swelled to three times its natural size.

The swollen bladder delayed the second stage of labour and put the supporting tissue around the vagina under significant strain from the head of the baby.

As a result of these complications the Claimant suffered a severe vaginal prolapse which required extensive corrective surgery.  She has also suffered with a range of other medical issues which themselves require corrective surgery. Fortunately the baby was born without injury.

Sadly the mother has been left unable to have any more children and she will have to continue to self catheterise for the rest of her life.

Kim Daniells of the CNCI team said of the settlement "This award reflects the devastating complications suffered by the Claimant in this case. Childbirth is safer today than ever before but, tragically, errors and problems do occur. These cases are very complex to investigate and pursue. It is important that new Mums who have suffered injury in childbirth seek expert advice and assistance".