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Claim against Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Trust

The Claimant brought a claim against Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Trust with regards treatment he had received from them when he was fifteen years old. The Claimant had sustained a closed fracture to his right tibia and fibula. He attended the Defendant Hospital and his leg placed in plaster. A week later the Claimant was reviewed as an out-patient and it was noted that the fracture was healing non-aligned. The plaster was wedged in order to correct this non-alignment and the cast, and thereafter brace, were moved six months later. The fracture was considered to be fully healed eighteen months later.

The Claimant began to experience significant problems with his right knee several months later. The Claimant underwent a number of arthroscopies in an attempt to identify the cause of the problem. After thirteen years, and numerous investigations, the Claimant was advised that the cause of his knee problems were due to the fact that the fracture sustained previously had healed with an internal rotation. The Claimant has been left with long-term problems as a result and will require surgery in an attempt to correct the non-alignment. The Claimant also experienced an extended period of pain and discomfort, and has been left with mobility problems affecting family life. The Claimant had a promising football career ahead of him at the time of sustaining his injury, which he was no longer able to pursue as a result of his knee problems. The Claimant accepted the sum of £90,000 from the Defendant in settlement of his claim.