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Claim succeeds for spinal abscess paralysis.



Richard Wood of the CNCI team has concluded a claim on behalf of the family of a man who developed a spinal abscess whilst an inpatient at hospital. The patient was displaying early signs of neurological compromise which were noted by the nursing staff but not communicated to doctors. Had those early signs been communicated to doctors then the patient  would have undergone surgery approximately 24 hours earlier and would have avoided all complications of his spinal cord abscess.

The patient did undergo surgery, albeit later than he should and, as a consequence of the delay, he was paralysed from the waist down. A claim was brought by the patient against the hospital. Sadly the patient developed complications unrelated to his condition and died prior to the conclusion of the claim. The claim was subsequently continued on behalf of his estate and was settled with the hospital accepting they were responsible for the failures alleged.