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£40,000 compensation for head injury.


Our client in this claim was an elderly woman in her mid 80s who was hit by a bus on her way to the doctors. The driver of the bus admitted being at fault in causing the accident at an early stage in the claim.

Sadly it became apparent that the Claimant had sustained significant head injuries. There was concern that the injuries could lead to long term complications.

Medical reports revealed that the accident had caused severe traumatic brain injury, bruising on the brain and large amounts of subarachnoid bleeding. The medical expert also found that the Claimant was experiencing on-going issues including post traumatic headaches, memory loss, pain and impaired independence.

During the claim our client’s condition sadly deteriorated to the point where she could no longer handle her own affairs or provide us with instructions in respect of the claim.

The Claimant's son was aware of the claim and kindly agreed to assist. We were able to quickly appoint her son to act as her representative (commonly called a Litigation Friend) and continue with her claim.

With her son acting on her behalf we were able to quickly progress her claim and secured £40,000 compensation for our client.

Rachel Griffiths, the senior solicitor responsible for the claim said “We had some complications during this claim due to my client’s neurological injuries. My experience at dealing with cases arising from traumatic brain injury ensured that I was able to advise on the best course of action and resolve  the claim.”