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Compensation award for care home failings.

The CNCI team helped a bereaved family of an elderly lady in a claim for clinical negligence against a care home. The family accepted a settlement following successful negotiations carried out by the team.

The Claimant suffered a fractured right neck of femur, severe bruising and black eye following an altercation with another resident. Following the assault, the Claimant’s health deteriorated and the family later learned that she was presenting symptoms of sepsis and should have been taken to hospital.

The staff at the care home failed to keep adequate records and change the Claimants care plans despite the Claimant’s new lack of mobility, temperature and urinary problems. The Claimant unfortunately suffered a seizure and passed away.

The Defendant admitted liability in relation to failing to keep adequate nursing records, including care plans, dietary and fluid charts and failing to prevent the assaults that had taken place. Although the Defendant did not admit liability for the death, an early settlement was able to be reached which the family accepted.