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Compensation for chemical burn.

The CNCI team has recently assisted a young female Claimant in making a claim for compensation against a hospital trust for a chemical burn she received whilst undergoing a colposcopy.

During the procedure a large amount of iodine was spilt on the pad on which the Claimant was lying.  This caused the Claimant to sustain a burn to the skin on her buttock. The Claimant advised the nurse who was carrying out the procedure that her she was experiencing a stinging pain on her buttock but was told that this was normal and would be anaesthetic taking effect.  The procedure continued without the pad being changed or the Claimant’s concern being investigated further.

At the end of the procedure the Claimant’s skin was red, sore and blistered.  She complained to the attending nurse who advised her to use some wipes to clean the area and apply Sudocrem. The nurse did not inspect the burn or offer any further assistance.

The Claimant attended her GP the following day and on several further occasions complaining of severe pain and discomfort.  She was prescribed topical cream to alleviate her symptoms. The Claimant was advised that she had suffered an irritant contact allergy to the iodine.

The burn on the Claimants buttocks healed approximately 14 days after her appointment and it took a further 2-3 months for the scarring to reduce and turn pink. The Claimant has been left with a scar covering both the left and right sides of her buttocks which she is unhappy with. She has also lost confidence and the events affected her relationship with her partner.

The Defendant initially denied liability and the Claimant was forced to issue proceedings against the Hospital Trust who eventually made an offer of settlement to the Claimant.

Emma Hudson, solicitor in the CNCI team, commented on the case:

“The Claimant was undergoing an uncomfortable procedure. Had the Claimant’s concerns been addressed in a timely manner, the impact of the chemical burn would not have been so severe.  We are very pleased to have been able to assist the Claimant in obtaining an admission of liability and compensation for the pain and suffering she endured.”