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Damages awarded for permanent tinnitus following surgery.

John Coulson of the CNCI team has assisted a client in recovering compensation after ear surgery left him suffering from permanent, and disabling, tinnitus. The claimant initially agreed to undergo surgery to correct an ear problem but was not advised of the risk that the procedure could potentially lead to tinnitus.

The claimant, who had not been unduly troubled by the underlying ear problem, only agreed to surgery because he understood it to be likely to improve his situation and with virtually no risk. The claimant developed the tinnitus shortly after the procedure. To date, attempts to alleviate the tinnitus, or to mask its effects have been unsuccessful.

Speaking of the undisclosed award, John Coulson said, "tinnitus is a distressing and disabling condition. It can have a profound impact upon an individual's quality of life. We are pleased to have secured this award of compensation and we hope that it will be of some real benefit to the claimant. The award reflects the importance of doctors obtaining full and informed consent from patients before embarking upon treatment".