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£400,000+ award for motorcyclist.

A 62 year old man was left with life changing injuries after being knocked off his motorbike by a negligent driver.

The Claimant was riding his motorbike when a van travelling in the opposite direction moved into the his lane when turning a corner. The van driver failed to notice our client travelling on his motorbike in the opposite direction and they collided.

The Claimant’s injuries were extensive. His left arm now has very little mobility as a result of shoulder damage caused by the crash. He also has post traumatic degenerative arthritis in his left hip which severely limits his mobility.

The accident changed everything about the Claimant’s life. He had recently retired and was planning to buy a pub to run with his wife. These plans had to be abandoned following the accident.

The Claimant has also been forced to move several times in an effort to find suitable accommodation.

The compensation received will be used to find suitable accommodation, pay for care and support the Claimant in later life. Our client remains a very determined individual. Despite his condition he is determined to volunteer in his community and remains as active as possible given his condition.

Speaking of the settlement Kim Daniells of the CNCI team said "The Claimant's injuries in this case were very disabling. As a result he has had to reconsider his plans for his retirement. The award in this case (in excess of £460,000) will allow him some financial security and ensure he can access the care and support that he needs. It is a tribute to our client that he has not allowed these very serious injuries to prevent him from being an active, and very valuable, contributor to his local community".