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Compensation following fairground accident.


A young mother who suffered injuries in a fairground accident has settled her claim for compensation against the owner and operator of the ride. Cars on the ride span out of control when it malfunctioned. Our client was flung from the ride and was unable to help or protect her young daughter. Fortunately her daughter escaped any serious injury and they were reunited shortly after the incident. The Claimant was taken to hospital with suspected fractured ribs and a laceration to her left leg. Thereafter she developed a degree of amnesia.

Given the complex nature of the Claimant’s injuries medical evidence in this case was obtained from a Consultant Neurologist, a Clinical Psychologist and a Consultant Psychiatrist. The medical evidence suggested that the injuries were consistent with the Claimant having suffered a mild brain injury affecting functionality and memory post accident but also a period of PTSD of about 18 months. The Claimant sought and recovered a contribution towards the cost of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to assist in fully recovering from the psychological affects of the accident.

Kim Daniells of the CNCI Team said “this was clearly a terrifying accident. The Claimant was, entirely understandably, frightened for her own life and for the safety and welfare of her young daughter. It is not unusual in these cases for the psychological impact of the accident to outlast the physical injuries. We are pleased to have achieved a settlement here that will help the Claimant complete her recovery”.