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Compensation award for historic sexual abuse.

Kim Daniells of the CNCI team has recently recovered a significant award from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority on behalf of a man who suffered repeated incidents of sexual abuse as a child. The victim first reported the abuse to the police many years after it occurred. The police investigated and the abuser was convicted and sentenced to a lengthy term of imprisonment.


The victim did not seek legal advice about bringing a claim until more than 3 years had elapsed from his first contact with the police and until more than 2 years after the conviction and sentencing.


Speaking of the award Kim Daniells said, "the award in this case is particularly significant because the victim did not report the abuse until many years after it occurred. Even then, he did not submit the CICA application immediately.


In some cases the CICA can refuse to deal with such applications because they have been submitted outside of their usual the two-year time limit.


In this case we were able to obtain medical evidence which confirmed that the effects of the abuse upon the victim had rendered it impossible for him to seek advice or indeed to report the matter formally at an earlier stage.


Sadly, in these cases, abuse often continues to impact significantly upon the lives of victims many years after it occurs. Whilst it is important that victims are aware of their rights, and of the time limits that might apply to any claims they wish to submit, it is also important that they seek specialist advice so that, where appropriate, those time limits can be challenged.


We are pleased to have been able to be of assistance to this individual although we are acutely aware that as a result of these incidents of abuse the applicant is likely to need significant, on going psychological support in the years ahead.