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£60,000 award follows ankle injury.


An innocent bystander who was caught up in a workplace incident and suffered serious leg injuries has recovered the sum of £60,000.00 in settlement of his claim for damages.

The Claimant was visiting a depot to return some equipment that had been borrowed when the incident occurred. The incident led to the Claimant being struck with considerable force by debris.

The Claimant suffered a complex and serious ankle fracture. Initially, surgical treatment appeared to have dealt with the fracture but unfortunately the Claimant’s improvement was not sustained. He began to experience significant ongoing pain. Various attempts were made to address the ongoing symptoms, including painkilling injections and arthroscopic surgery. Unfortunately, each period of treatment only provided temporary relief and the Claimant’s symptoms returned.

Medical evidence indicated that the Claimant may require fusion of the ankle joint at some stage in the future. Fortunately, the Claimant’s employment situation was such that he was able to continue in his pre-accident work, although he had experienced some periods when he was unable to work because of the symptoms.

The serious nature of the Claimant’s ankle injury also prevented him from participating in some of his pre-accident hobbies, including horse riding.

The Claimant’s claim was settled by negotiation when the Defendant’s representatives agreed to pay him the sum of £60,000.00 in full and final settlement of the claim.

Speaking of the settlement, Kim Daniells of the CNCI team said: "It is rare for ankle fractures to attract such substantial awards of damages. The award in this case reflects the fact that the Claimant had been left with an ongoing problem and could well require further significant surgery in the future. We hope that this significant award will be of practical benefit to the Claimant and his young family in the coming months and years".