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£500,000 CICA award.


The maximum Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority award of £500,000.00 has been made for the benefit of a child who sustained very serious brain injuries shortly after birth. The child suffered cerebral palsy, severe spastic quadriplegia and epilepsy as a result of injuries he sustained following an episode where he was severely shaken by an adult.

An application was submitted to the CICA on behalf of the child and a report from obtained from  Consultant Paediatrician. The report indicated that in addition to the injuries referred to above, the Applicant was unable to swallow, had severe musculoskeletal problems and required physiotherapy and occupational therapy. He is doubly incontinent, wheelchair bound and totally dependant on adult carers.

It was clear from available evidence that the Applicant would never gain employment once he reached maturity and would have an ongoing significant care requirement.

The maximum award, once made by the CICA, was paid into Trust in order to ensure benefit for the Applicant.

Speaking of the award, Rachel Griffiths of the CNCI team said, “this individual has suffered devastating injuries. The award from the CICA is the maximum award that they are able to make under the Scheme. The Applicant in this case will need 24 hour a day care for the rest of his life. In reality the CICA award falls well short of awards for this type of injury if they are made by a Civil Court. Nevertheless, the award should provide some degree of support and assistance to the Applicant’s family and carers.”