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Mesothelioma settlement.

A former bricklayer has been accepted £205,000 in settlement of a claim pursued following his diagnosis with the asbestos related disease of mesothelioma.   The Claimant had worked in the late 1950s and 1960s for a construction company engaged in building schools and colleges. He had been exposed to asbestos whilst working in the boiler houses of various sites.

The Defendant's solicitors contested the claim from the outset. They denied that the Claimant had worked for the Defendant company. They also denied that there had been any exposure to asbestos. Court proceedings were issued in the Mesothelioma Fast Track in the Royal Courts of Justice. This allowed the proceedings to be expedited.

At a preliminary hearing, Judgment was entered for the Claimant and a substantial interim payment was awarded. The matter was listed for an assessment of damages but was settled by negotiation in advance of the final hearing.

Speaking of the settlement Kim Daniells of the CNCI Team said "the Mesothelioma fast Track provisions have enabled us to reach a swift and successful conclusion to this case. Without these arrangements this case could have taken several years to resolve. The Claimant in this case has successfully undergone radical surgery and remains in good health. Settling the claim at this stage means that he can continue to enjoy his retirement with some degree of financial security".