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Haematoma following surgery.

The CNCI team successfully represented the Claimant in a clinical negligence claim against University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust, relating to care provided to the Claimant whilst she underwent a transcatheter device occlusion and cardiovert in September 2009.

In December 2008 the Claimant was diagnosed as having an atrial septal defect (ASD). Following investigations, it was confirmed that the Claimant could undergo a procedure in order to close the defect and she was referred to Glenfield Hospital for this purpose. The Claimant was advised that the procedure would involve a stent being inserted via her groin and she was admitted to Glenfield Hospital in September 2009 in order to undergo this procedure.

A few hours following the procedure, the Claimant developed abdominal pain and was unable to urinate. She also became haemodynamically unstable. After some hours, a CT scan of her abdomen was performed and it was identified that she had a large pelvic haematoma, which was continuing to bleed.

The Claimant was transferred to Leicester Royal Infirmary for emergency surgery in order to stop the bleeding. The Claimant had a difficult recovery, developing an infection, and was transferred between several different hospitals during this time.

The haematoma caused the Claimant’s abdomen to appear very swollen and it caused her a considerable amount of discomfort, restricting her ability to perform daily tasks. It took a few months for the haematoma to disperse completely. Prior to undergoing the procedure, the Claimant had also provided care to her husband who had ongoing health problems of his own. Whilst the Claimant was recovering from her own illness, she was unable to provide him with the care that she had given previously.

Due to the timescales involved, it was necessary to issue Court proceedings against the Defendants in order to protect the Claimant's position. However, the claim was settled shortly afterwards when the Defendants agreed to pay £8000 to the Claimant.

Helen Caulfield  who dealt with the claim said “Our client experienced a prolonged and difficult recovery from the haematoma.  It had a significant impact upon her quality of life.  We are pleased to have been able to resolve this matter before court proceedings became advanced, and without the need for a final court hearing”.