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Surgical problem leads to psychiatric injury.

The CNCI team are acting on behalf of a Claimant who was the victim of clinical negligence which occurred during the course of routine keyhole surgery to investigate a gynaecological issue. 

During the course of the surgery, the Claimant sustained a puncture to an artery which resulted in rapid significant blood loss. The surgery was quickly converted to open abdominal surgery and the Claimant received several pints of blood as a transfusion.  The artery was successfully repaired but the Claimant was left in intensive care for several days.

As a result of the extensive abdominal surgery, the Claimant was left with a large unsightly scar. She feels self-conscious of her appearance and has avoided activities such as swimming since the surgery.  She is anxious about the implication of the scar on future pregnancies.  The Claimant has also reported a depressed mood since the surgery and a reduced enjoyment of life in general.

Following psychological assessment, the Claimant was diagnosed with depressed mood and anxiety which were directly related to the appearance of her abdominal scar.  She has been referred for a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, funding for which will be sought from the defendant in the claim.

Speaking of the claim, Helen Caulfield, Senior Solicitor in the CNCI team said:

“The psychological impact of what happened to the Claimant in the operating theatre extends far beyond her discharge from hospital. Psychological injuries should not be underestimated. I am pleased to be able to assist the Claimant with gaining financial compensation and treatment for all of the injuries she has suffered.”