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Claim for traumatic birth.

Kim Daniells of the CNCI team is acting on behalf of a claimant who suffered injuries during the birth of her child.  The Claimant’s baby was delivered via emergency caesarean section following several failed attempts at delivery with forceps, including one under general anaesthetic. 

The birth of the Claimant’s baby was a traumatic and terrifying event for the Claimant.  As a result, not only did she sustain physical injuries, but she developed symptoms of trauma and stress including low mood, anxiety, panic attacks, low energy levels, lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, poor attention and concentration.  The Claimant found it difficult to continue with her usual social and occupational functioning.  Several years after the delivery of her baby, the Claimant continued to have nightmares about being back in the delivery suite with medical professionals not listening to her. 

The Claimant has been recommended to undergo psychological treatment in combination with continued use of anti-depressants.   Further therapy is expected to help to improve the Claimant’s coping strategies and reduce her risk of experiencing further mental health problems in the future in response to stress.

Kim Daniells commented on the case:

“The impact of a traumatic birth on the mother can be significant and is often not considered by medical professionals. Treatment usually focuses on the baby’s health and the mother’s psychological wellbeing can fall by the wayside.  It is so important that vulnerable mothers receive appropriate care and treatment from the outset to assist them in dealing with their experiences and to support them in motherhood..”