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Warning to dentists about X-ray machine.


Dentists using a cheap hand-held x-ray machine are putting themselves and patients in significant danger.

The device known as the Tianjie Dental Falcon can expose patients to ten times the recommended dose of radiation. 

At least one UK based dental practice had purchased the device and several others had expressed an interest in purchasing one.

Testing revealed that the device has numerous deficiencies. Firstly, the lead shielding is insufficient to provide protection from radiation.

Secondly the devices radiation beam is far too wide which leads to the entire head and brain being exposed to radiation instead of just the mouth.

Thirdly, users of the device face the real risk of receiving a 50,000 volt electric shock.

Clinical evaluator Donald Emerton stated “Over time someone operating this machine, such as a dental assistant would be exposed to unacceptable levels of accumulated radiation and this would have an increased risk to their health”.

The problem was first discovered in June 2012 and since then the Medical Health products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) has shut down the UK’s only distributor.

Bruce Petrie of the MHRA’s Medical Devices Enforcement Team has released a statement saying “It’s vital that dentists and dental staff do not buy these dental X-ray machines from eBay or other websites because they are not approved and not safe for dentists or patients”.