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Woman, 92, dies after loss of false teeth.

A 92-year-old woman died in hospital following weeks of weight loss after staff lost her false teeth.

Northampton General Hospital's board heard how the hospital failed to replace the dentures, which were lost during her admission.

The woman, who had dementia, also suffered from dehydration before her death in January 2019.

Director of nursing, Sheran Oke, told the board meeting the "very sad" incident was being investigated.

During her admission in October 2018, the woman was moved to different wards several times which led to some of her possessions going missing, including her shoes, glasses and teeth.

A board director, Chris Pallot, said the dentures "appeared impossible to replace despite attempts to do so.”

The woman, who has not been identified, was not offered a soft food diet until weeks after her teeth were lost.

The hospital board meeting also heard the woman was not encouraged to eat or drink.

The patient was discharged in January 2019 but arrived back at Accident and Emergency on the same day and died two days later.

Her family had raised concerns about her condition and that she had often complained of feeling thirsty, the board was told.

Chief operating officer, Deborah Needham, said the woman's "basic nursing care" had been neglected.

It was suggested that the creation of a checklist for when patients move wards could help prevent items being lost.

Mrs Needham said recent ward closures "should help minimise the number of ward moves.”

The hospital board also agreed to look at the number of dieticians the hospital employs.

Northampton General Hospital declined to comment further on the woman's death.