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£7 million award for birth injuries.

An unidentified girl who has developed quadriplegic cerebral palsy after a delay in delivery has been awarded compensation of just over £7 million.

The girl was born at Sunderland Royal Hospital. She needs constant care and supervision and cannot walk unaided. She requires the assistance of her family and a team of carers and therapists as well as various items of specialist equipment. In addition the family’s house and car need to be adapted to take account of the little girl's needs.

The Trust admitted liability for the injuries and losses incurred and the total agreed settlement amounted to £7.1 million.

Speaking of the settlement Richard Wood said “it is not unusual for children with quadriplegic cerebral palsy to require round the clock care, supervision and support. It is vitally important that children in this position have an opportunity to live a full and rewarding life. They will obviously need financial and practical help to do so. The sums involved here are significant but reflect the level of disability and the fact that this little girl will have lifelong needs”.