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Pensioner left for nine days without care.


An unnamed woman who should have received four care visits a day was left for nine days because the agency responsible for her care was shut down by police.

The pensioner was found suffering from kidney failure, severe bed sores and dehydration, she is currently in hospital recovering.

Ann Preston, a friend, received a call after the woman was discovered by a chance visit by a district nurse. “I got a call because she’d been found dehydrated, with bedsores and in a terrible mess. They barely got a pulse from her- it was lucky the district nurse was going there for a different reason. “

The agency responsible for her care was raided by the UK Border Agency for allegedly employing illegal immigrants under the identity of former employees. Six people were arrested.

Surrey County Council & Sutton Council was to make alternative arrangements for individuals under the agencies care however the woman in question was overlooked.  Ann Preston went on to state “How on earth could this have been allowed to happen? How can they just close this thing down and not identify the people they were supposed to be taking care of?”

A spokesman for Surrey County Council said “We’re saddened to hear about this and our thoughts are with the lady, her family and friends at the moment. The safety of vulnerable adults is our top priority. “

The Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board which is made up of representatives from the council, police and the NHS has launched an urgent enquiry.


On 5th February 2013 it was reported that the pensioner who was left without care for 9 days had died. The woman was named as Gloria Foster. Her MP said "Clearly there are questions to answer and I would expect a comprehensive investigation between all of the agencies involved".