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Vasectomy blunder Doctor is fit to practise.


A hospital doctor who gave a patient a vasectomy by mistake will be allowed to continue to practise, a medical panel has ruled.

Although Dr Nanikram Vaswani should have removed only scar tissue from a patient at Broadgreen Hospital, Liverpool, he performed the vasectomy instead.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal has given the doctor, who admitted misconduct, a warning but  concluded  that his fitness to practise was not impaired.

In doing do, the tribunal took account of the doctor's "good character" and found he was "genuinely remorseful", concluding that "this was an isolated episode in an otherwise unblemished career."

The Tribunal said: "the likelihood of repetition of such misconduct is low" and decided to issue a warning "in order to reaffirm standards in the profession.”

A warning does not prevent the doctor from holding a licence to practise nor does it place any restrictions on his registration.

Dr Vaswani admitted failure to confirm the patient's identity, failure to tell a urologist and his NHS Trust, about the incorrect procedure and "inappropriately" performing a vasectomy reversal procedure on the same patient.

In his evidence, the doctor cited "complaints" from patients who had been waiting for surgery and who were "being brought into theatre out of order of the planned operating list.”

He also said he had been "expecting to operate on a patient requiring a vasectomy" and "a vasectomy tray had been placed incorrectly in the room by another member of staff."