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Woman died after being given wrong medication.

An 87-year-old woman died after her carers gave her the wrong medication, a coroner was told.

Heather Planner, from Butler's Cross, Buckinghamshire, died at Wycombe Hospital on 1 April from a stroke.

Senior coroner for Buckinghamshire, Crispin Butler, heard that three staff from Carewatch Mid Bucks had failed to notice that tablets handed provided by the pharmacy were for a male patient.

Mr Butler said action should be taken to prevent similar deaths.

The hearing, where he issued a Prevention of Future Deaths report, followed an inquest in November 2019.

Mr Butler said in the report that he was told at the inquest that the carers from Carewatch Mid Bucks gave Mrs Planner, a widow, the wrong medication four times a day for two-and-a-half days.

The original inquest heard that the mother of one suffered a fatal stroke because she did not receive her proper apixaban anticoagulation medication.

Mr Butler said he would send his concerns to the chief coroner and the Care Quality Commission.

He said there was no procedure in place to ensure individual carers read and specifically acknowledged any medication changes.

The coroner added: "There is a specific concern in Mrs Planner's case about the robustness of the subsequent Carewatch investigation and any learning that would arise to prevent incidents in the future."

Jonathan Planner, 56, her son, previously said he would be taking legal action against Carewatch and the Westongrove pharmacy in the hope of preventing the death of another patient.

He said: "In my view the carer had a duty to check they were in receipt of the right medication and they did not check. It was a huge error."