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Woman died from untreated pill side effects.


A woman died from the untreated side effects of the combined contraceptive pill, a coroner has ruled.

Charlotte Foster, 23, of Newport, Shropshire, who died from a blood clot after collapsing at work, had reported breathing difficulties and leg pain to her GP, the inquest heard.

Shropshire coroner, John Ellery, concluded it was more likely than not she would have survived had the pill, Dianette, been stopped and treatment started when she saw a GP three weeks before she died in January 2016.

Ms Foster was presenting the symptoms of a pulmonary embolism during her final GP appointment on 4 January but was instead being treated for lower back pain, the inquest found. She died after a thrombosis caused a massive embolism in her lungs.

Her mother, Celia Foster, told the inquest at Shropshire Coroner's Court her daughter had heart palpitations and had messaged her family on New Year's Eve to say her ribs hurt and she could not lie down or breathe properly.

She said her daughter was angry after a consultation with GP, Sunil Simon, in Newport on 4 January, as he "did not seem to listen to her" and suggested she go for a massage or a spa day, despite her complaining of leg and back pain and tightness in her chest.

Dr Simon told the inquest he had no concerns during the appointment that Miss Foster had been suffering from a pulmonary embolism.

He said: "When I observed Miss Foster during that day, I did not note any signs of respiratory distress or shortness of breath. She did not display any signs of a pulmonary embolism of a deep vein thrombosis."

Miss Foster died at hospital on 25 January, three days after collapsing at her workplace.

The coroner said the inquest had raised "areas of concern" and that he was reviewing whether to make a referral to the General Medical Council.