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York woman receives compensation after losing most of her front teeth


A WOMAN who was left with ‘almost no front teeth’ following treatment by a York dentist has received £25,000 in an out-court-settlement.

Audra Weston, a 55-year-old cleaner from York, was a long-term patient with Dr Jonathan McCarthy at Clifton Dental Practice between 2010 and 2018 and had issued a legal claim against him for negligence. Dr McCarthy did not admit liability.

Ms Weston claimed she had experienced years of tooth loss, recurrent mouth infections and inadequate fillings after visiting the dentist, complaining of discomfort in her mouth several times.

She was represented by the Dental Law Partnership, which said: "Emergency treatment, including extractions, root canals and medication were prescribed on a number of occasions but, by 2018, Ms Weston was left with almost no teeth in the front of her mouth on her top or bottom jaw.

"Despite having dentures installed, she often experienced mouth infections which meant it was too painful for the denture to remain in her mouth."

Ms Weston said: “It got to a point where I was basically left with no teeth. I couldn’t keep the dentures in so I was left with my gums.

"I couldn’t eat anything as my gums were so painful it made it impossible to chew and I felt so self-conscious of my mouth that I was scared to leave the house. I didn’t like going out because it was so embarrassing.

“My daughter got married during this time and I had to leave early and couldn’t be in any of the photos because I was so anxious about my appearance.

“I was on a constant stream of antibiotics as I experienced infection after infection. It was miserable.”

The Partnership alleged that Dr McCarthy had failed to acknowledge and appropriately treat issues early enough, which led to Ms Weston’s traumatic experiences. It was claimed that remnants of roots from extractions had been the cause of recurrent infections.

The Partnership added that she had now received treatment for new dentures that fitted correctly in her mouth without pain after suffering for the last four years without functioning teeth.

Ms Weston said: “It really has been a living nightmare. My gums are permanently misshapen, and my mouth is warped. Although I am finally getting new dentures, I will never get the last few years of constant distress back.”

Dr Jonathan McCarthy said: “While I do not accept the accuracy of the facts conveyed by The Dental Law Partnership, I am limited in what I can say because of patient confidentiality.

“I am pleased the matter has been brought to a satisfactory conclusion and that all parties can now move on.”