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Spinal injury resulting in paraplegia and tetraplegia

Every day 2-3 people in the UK suffer permanent paralysis as a result of a complete spinal cord injury. The majority of serious spinal injuries are caused by road traffic accidents but they also occur as a result of falls; sports participation and underlying medical conditions.

The diagnosis and immediate aftermath of any spinal cord injury will be a distressing and uncertain time for the injured person. In the initial weeks the injured person will have access to specialist advice and assistance from spinal injury units and the charities and support groups that operate in this field.

Longer term planning will need to take into account housing; mobility; transport and care requirements. Early advice about options and entitlement may help to ensure that the recovery is fully supported.

We are specialists in claims arising from spinal injury. We can advise and assist in securing rehabilitation packages and substantial interim payments. If you or a loved one has been affected call us for a no obligation discussion.