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Spinal injury

The vast majority of back injuries are to the muscles, bones and tissues in the back but do not in any way compromise the spinal cord. Injuries to the spinal cord itself are relatively rare and the majority of these are termed incomplete because they do not result in absolute damage to the cord.

The immediate period after a spinal injury is a distressing and uncertain time for the injured person. The true extent of incomplete spinal injuries may not be fully clear until 6-8 weeks after injury. An individual who is initially completely paralysed may make a partial or near full recovery after spinal shock has subsided.

The long term effect of incomplete lesions depends upon the area of the cord affected. The injured person may experience pain, weakness, loss of movement and sensation. Recovery can be prolonged and rehabilitation may be required.

If you or a loved one have suffered spinal injury and would like advice contact a member of our specialist team.