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Claims arising from stillbirth

Nothing can prepare any pregnant woman for the tragedy of a stillbirth. The sudden, and often completely unexplained and unanticipated death of a foetus in the womb can leave a family devastated  grieving and in need of answers when they had anticipated sharing the joy of a new baby.

There are 4000 stillbirths every year in the UK (11 a day). Stillbirths may occur any time after the 24th week of pregnancy with one third reported after 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Despite progress in other areas of medicine the stillbirth rate in the UK remains stubbornly high with little change in the last two decades. The rate in the UK compares unfavourably with most other developed countries.

If you have suffered a stillbirth you may want answers or explanations. In time you may seek reassurance that future pregnancies will be safer. If you would like to discuss your concerns with a member of our specialist team then please just contact us by phone or e-mail.