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Inquest advice & representation

After the sudden or unexpected death of a loved one, the involvement of a Coroner and the possibility of an inquest can seem distressing and unsettling to those who are grieving. In fact an inquest is simply a legal enquiry into the medical cause and circumstances of a death and in some cases can help to address concerns held by the deceased’s family.

Relatives can, and often do, attend an inquest and ask certain questions of witnesses. Legal representation for the family is not necessary but many families prefer to have a lawyer to represent them.

If a family have concerns that another party might have been at fault in causing the death then legal representation can be important. Although the inquest verdict will not apportion blame, the evidence produced at the inquest may be of relevance to any subsequent case.

If you would like advice about or representation at a forthcoming inquest please contact a member of our specialist team.