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Claims for asbestos related lung cancer

Asbestos has been recognised as an important risk factor for developing lung cancer for many years. There are of course many other substances that can cause lung cancer including tobacco smoke. It is impossible to clinically distinguish between lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure and cancers related to other agents.

As a result of the difficulty in identifying the cause of an individual’s cancer the actual number of cases of confirmed asbestos-related lung cancers is small. It is thought however that the number of deaths from asbestos-related lung cancer exceed 2000 each year.

The diagnosis of lung cancer is a devastating blow to an individual and their loved ones. It may in some cases be possible to claim compensation if it can be shown that negligent exposure asbestos was implicated in causing the condition.

If you, or a loved one, are newly diagnosed then talk to your doctor about any asbestos exposure you recall. If you have questions about claiming compensation then contact our specialist team for advice.