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Failings in Psychiatric Care

The provision of mental health services has been stretched to capacity with cutbacks in funding in both the NHS and private sectors, whilst the demand for care and treatment increases daily.  Inevitably there will be instances where you or a loved one may not receive the care and treatment you reasonably expect to, resulting in harm.

Mental health care providers have a duty of care to their patients. Failing to make appropriate referrals or provide required medication or adequately supervise individuals in their care, are examples of potential breaches of that duty of care.  If harm has come to a patient as a result of a suspected breach of duty of care, the individual may be entitled to seek compensation from the negligent mental health care provider.  If an individual has died, a potential claim for compensation can be pursued on behalf of the individual’s estate or financial dependants.

Discussing psychiatric care can be difficult and many individuals may feel stigmatised.  We have significant experience in dealing with such matters and will always deal with your claim sympathetically.  You can be assured that your claim will be dealt with in the utmost confidence and our advice will be straightforward and practical.